[Wapt] Template tis-adobereader in another language than French?

Hubert TOUVET htouvet at tranquil.it
Wed Mar 14 17:32:37 CET 2018

You have to create your own packages using ours as a template.
Just replace adobe binaries in it.

* If you are with Wapt <, you can :
- create one package for each language (package name must be different) 
and apply the right package to host depending on the machine locale.
- or create one single (biggest) package with all needed binaries in it, 
and include a test in install() to run the install if the right binary.

from setuphelpers import *

# there an implicit contextual variable named "language" which get a 2 
letters lowercase locale code 'fr', or 'en' or 'de' or ..
def install():
     if language == 'en':
         binary_name = 'my_installer_adobe_*en*.msi'
     elif language == 'de':
         binary_name = 'my_installer_adobe_*de*.msi'
     elif language == 'no':
         binary_name = 'my_installer_adobe_*no*.msi'
         error('Language %s is not available' % *language*)


* With wapt >= you can create one package for each locale with 
same name (for example lav-adobereader) but with diffrent 'locale' 
When updating available packages, Wapt agent will take in account only 
packages with locale either 'all' (or empty) or matching machine 2 
letters locale.
So each package has only the localized binary (smaller) and you don't 
have to manually choose the right package depending of machine locale.


Le 14/03/2018 à 16:39, Klaus Ade Johnstad a écrit :
> Is it possible to document how to change the language of packages
> installed when you default to French? For example tis-adobereader
> installs acroreader in French, but we need either German, English or
> Norwegian.
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