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Hubert TOUVET htouvet at tranquil.it
Tue Mar 27 20:28:30 CEST 2018


La version 1..5.1.22 de Wapt vient d'être "releasée"
Elle comporte essentiellement des correctifs de bugs par rapport à la 
Vous pouvez la télécharger depuis les dépots wapt Tranquil IT Debian et 
Centos et sur https://wapt.tranquil.it/wapt/releases/latest/

Dans l'attente de vos retours...



  * waptdeploy: Add --setupargs option
  * waptdeploy: makes error on update non fatal.
  * wapt agent : use relative path for server verify_cert in wapt-get.ini
  * wapt agent : Set default accepted maturities to ['PROD'] if there is
    an empty list (ie maturities is present but empty) in wapt-get.ini
  * exes : Different icons for community and enterprise
  * waptconsole: Show MessageWait earlier when updating many hosts.
    Progress dialog : Don't update more than once every 0.5s
  * waptconsole: filename and repo_url colums to packages grids (groups,

*Bug fixes:*

  * wapt agent : Fix bug packages are marked as upgradable after
    migrating from 1.3 to because maturity is None instead of
    '' when comparing with avalable packages entries.
  * waptconsole : Fix "edit package from local repository" for
    repositories with mixed architectures or locales
  * waptconsole : Fix action "add AD groups to hosts"
  * waptconsole : Fix "newest only" with locale, architecture and maturity
  * waptconsole : Fix "Import from external repository" for external
    repositories with mixed locale, architecture and maturity
  * waptserver : Fix 800 chars limit on conflict / depends on server
    table HostPackagesStatus. Replaced with Array fields.
  * waptserver : raise a http status 500 if hosts upload fails (because
    of too many open files... ?) instead of failing silently
  * waptserver windows : Fix ACL on logs
  * wapt agent : locale web console : Fix bad template used for remove
  * waptserver auth: Removes debug prints
  * Enterprise and RPM builds fixes

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